The Little Stingers

What an amazing success the Little Stingers has been. Launched back in May, we now have over 180 registered kids. Fun based rugby skills for 4-6 year olds is the concept and the kids absolutely love it, what’s best of all its absolutely FREE. This is possible due to dedication of all of our Volunteers, so from all of us at Halton Farnworth Hornets, THANK YOU!

The feedback from the parents has been amazing, here are just a few of their comments…

“Thank you to all the coaches and kids for another great session today , William absolutely loves coming every Saturday! ❤”

“It also never seems hectic or manic, no matter how it feels to you guys 🤣 so calm, organised and well managed! And super fun!”

“I have seen a massive change in Samuel since he started. He seems so much better at following your instructions, he is more alert, and puts so much more effort into the activities you set for his group. So proud of him every week.
Thanks 👍”

“Each week I see an improvement in Roman which is lovely it helps at home aswell especially when I ask where are your listening ears 👂😀😉”

Speaking with Coach Danny, this is what he had to say…
“Some clubs and organisations wouldn’t dream of running sessions for the amount of children we do but we honestly believe all children have a right to just come and have a bit of fun and learn a bit in-between. We’ll never turn a child away for that reason and I know I say it a lot but we all genuinely enjoy doing it. 👍🏻🏉🐝🏉🐝🏉🐝”

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