Monthly Prize Draw

Launched back in June 22. The idea behind it is to raise enough funds to pay for the RFL membership fee for our players in 2024. (Newcomers will be 2025)

This is an opt in project, those that do opt into the draw will have their fee paid (* if your not in the monthly draw you will have to pay your child’s RFL fee next year).

All proceeds will be ring fenced and any surplus will be used to improve our facilities at Wilmere Lane.

Numbers are £2 and you can buy as many as you want

Payment will be monthly via standing order/direct debit.

⭐There are 3 x £100 monthly cash prizes to be won and 3 x £300 cash prizes in the Christmas draw⭐

How to join in

Complete the form below. We will email you a reference number and payment details for the monthly standing order.

Good Luck

Previous Winners!