Open Age Women

Meet the Open Age Women

Girls rugby is evolving and you too could be part of the journey.

Lets put rugby to one side for a moment. What else does the sport bring?
Well over the past two years we have seen friendships built, self confidence improved, leadership skills evolve, but more then anything else a togetherness.

All new recruits are welcomed by all the girls.

You don’t need to know anything about the sport, it’s an opportunity to try a new sport. For some it’s from them, for others it’s not. That’s why we want all our children to try a new sport…..right?

Girls rugby in the past two year has evolved with 80+ girls taking part in the sport at our club. For those that want to pursue the game to a higher level and have individuals in the game to inspire to be we try and bring these individuals to our club giving them an opportunity to coach a girls team, which isn’t normally available.

Open Age Women Team Information

Chris Froes
Gary Kelly
Olivia Miah
Sarina Tamou

Saturday 11am-12noon

Kerry McKenna
07950 777 936

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