Meet your new Vice President!

Ian Yates joined the club back in 1985 which was then Halton Hornets. Ian has held various roles, coach, club Chairman, and for many years until recently Club secretary.

He was ‘an’ instrumental member in the merger with Farnworth Ring ‘O’ Bells forming what is now Halton Farnworth Hornets.Ian was also the recipient of the clubs highest award the President trophy for his services and hard work for the club.

During his time at Halton Farnworth Hornets, Ian has seen so many players turn professional from the club and in reference to his comments in the 25th anniversary celebrations. “Never underestimate the name you are representing, to coaches, parents and players stay loyal and committed to the colours”

Ian’s workload as secretary doubled with an increase in registered teams, now at 24!

Ian has done so much for the club and although his role will be changing, passing the secretarial role to Paul Martin. Ian will continue to assist the club as Club Administration working along side Paul and the rest of the Executive team.

From all of us at Halton Farnworth Hornets congratulations in your new role, and for all the hard work you’ve done at the club 👏


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