U7 Newbies 2022

Yesterday both Halton Farnworth Hornets Newbies teams took the field for the 1st time as Newbies since graduating from our Little stingers.
Lots of these children and coaches have been a part of our Little Stingers since the very beginning and to say they done us proud is an understatement.
We’re sad to see you leave the Little stingers but you all leave as shining examples to all the other Little Stingers that will follow you over the coming years.
Enjoy your next steps in the world of rugby league, make friends for life, learn life lessons that only us brave enough to play this game will learn, enjoy the good times, learn from the bads times, be good teammates, be humble, respect each other, your coaches and your opposition but most of all ENJOY it.
Thanks for being Little Stingers and keep smashing being Halton Farnworth Hornets🖤❤💚#haltonfarnworthhornets #littlestingers

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